Cabasso Mens Brand Heritage Story

It is the tale of a thirst for inspirations, creation, and distinction that has been glued together by a  family culture of conviviality and integrity.

It is the legend of a family that has been immersed in creativity and design for centuries.

Cabasso Mens Brand Heritage Story

CABASSO was born of this rich tradition, punctuated by a modern quest for inspirations through voyages and cultural assimilation.

Cabasso Mens Brand Logo

The Cabasso story is first and foremost a human story.

It is a chronicle that reflects a family’s love of  art and aesthetic beauty that has been cultivated for generations and has transcended continents.

Cabasso Mens Brand Geneva
Cabasso Mens Brand Heritage Story

Lock, representing the unity of the Cabasso family culture which connects all the national cultures.

First ten layers, representing the 10 countries in the roots of the Cabasso family.


Last two layers, representing the two most important values or traditions of the Cabasso family – Dignity & Integrity.